How to get more root volume with curly hair

We often hear curlies complain about flat roots - especially those who have fine or low density hair. Luckily, though, we have a few tips that anyone can use to get more volume at the roots without losing too much curl definition. Keep reading for some of our best tricks.

1. Rinse and style upside down

After applying shampoo to your hair or co-washing, tip your head forward and rinse your hair upside down. As the water runs over your roots in the shower, your hair will start to clump and your curls will start to form. While conditioning, flip your hair forward, comb the conditioner through with a comb or brush and then rinse. Apply your styling products with your hair tossing upside down and side-to-side. By rinsing and styling upside down, you’re essentially ‘tricking’ your hair to be styled one way (upside down) only to be tossed the other way when it’s dry. This makes the roots stand up, hence creating volume. 

2. Use light-weight products 

Creams may be too heavy for your hair if you’re having trouble creating volume. Heavy creams and leave-ins can weigh down your curls, no matter what techniques you use. Instead, use light-weight products, such as mousses, whipped creams, custards, lighter leave-ins and gels.

3. Diffuse

Diffusing your hair - especially if you do it upside down and side-to-side - will help make your hair bigger and more voluminous. Dry your roots first and then move on to the rest of your strands.

4. Plop

If you prefer air drying rather than diffusing, be sure to plop your hair using a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel after applying your products. Your curls ‘sitting’ on top of your head give your hair an extra boost and prevent it from drying like a wet blanket close to your head without any volume. 

5. Clip at the roots 

Clipping curls at the roots while they dry will help create volume, especially in fine hair that can easily get weighed down by products and/or water. If your hair isn’t completely dry after plopping or diffusing, clip your hair by lifting individual curls at the root and popping the clip in so that the curl stands up rather than lying flat. Let your hair air dry. Take the clips out once it is completely dry. 

6. Change your parting after your hair is dry 

To create some added volume at the roots, dry your hair in the opposite direction of how you actually want to part it when it has dried. Once it has completely dried, flip your hair over to where you actually want your parting and you’ll have quite a bit of volume. 

7. Fluff with your fingers 

Flip your head forward, fluff out your roots and get instantly bigger hair. 

8. Tease your roots with a pick 

Insert the hair pick at the roots and gently pull towards outwards to loosen and break the curls closet to your scalp. This will create easy volume. Make sure you’re careful and handle your curls gently while picking at them as this can easily cause breakage. 

9. Clarify 

Because of product buildup, you hair can become flat and limp. In order to maintain voluminous, weightless and healthy curls, be sure to do a clarifying wash regularly once a month. Always follow up with a deep conditioning treatment! 

10. Get a haircut 

If your hair hasn’t been trimmed in several month, the length of your hair can be working against volume. If you’re doing everything to create volume but nothing seems to be working, get a trim and your hair will be back to being bouncy and voluminous in no time. You don’t need to get rid of too much length if you don’t want to. Even a small trim can go a long way. 


What are your best tips for getting more volume in your curly hair? Share them in the comments below! 

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