Curl Pocket MiniCurl Pocket Mini
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Glossy MiniGlossy Mini
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Glossy Mini

Curl MiniCurl Mini
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Curl Mini

Glossy DuoGlossy Duo
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Glossy Duo  30% off

Rs.3,290 Rs.4,700
Glossy StylersGlossy Stylers
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Glossy Stylers  30% off

Rs.3,920 Rs.5,600
Glossy BasicsGlossy Basics
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Glossy Basics  30% off

Rs.2,660 Rs.3,800
Glossy ComboGlossy Combo
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Glossy Combo  30% off

Rs.3,429 Rs.4,899
Beard BundleBeard Bundle
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Beard Bundle

Rs.2,160 Rs.2,400
Curly Kids Bath BundleCurly Kids Bath Bundle
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Curly Kids Bath Bundle

Rs.4,956 Rs.7,080
Curly Kids Scalp BundleCurly Kids Scalp Bundle
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Curly Kids Scalp Bundle

Rs.2,646 Rs.3,780
Strength BasicsStrength Basics
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Strength Basics  30% off

Rs.2,240 Rs.3,200
Curly Kids BundleCurly Kids Bundle
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Curly Kids Bundle  30% off

Rs.4,060 Rs.5,800
The MatchThe Match
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The Match  30% off

Rs.3,849 Rs.5,499
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All-In-One  30% off

Rs.5,740 Rs.8,200
The BasicsThe Basics
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The Basics  30% off

Rs.2,660 Rs.3,800
The DuoThe Duo
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The Duo  30% off

Rs.3,080 Rs.4,400
The NecessitiesThe Necessities
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The Necessities  30% off

Rs.5,179 Rs.7,399