Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine

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What it does: emulsifying, antistatic

The science

Neutralized with mineral or organic acids, behenamidopropyl dimethylamine helps to increase the softness and smoothness of hair, while also helping to reduce tangles and surface roughness.

Benefits for your hair

Promotes smoothness and softness

Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine helps in conditioning hair, which, in turn, helps to detangle and reduce roughness.

Prevents fading colors

This ingredient helps to stop hair color from fading, resulting in healthier hair.

Reduces frizz 

As an antistatic, it reduces static electricity by neutralizing the electrical charge on the hair surface. This helps to prevent frizz.


Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine helps in conditioning and preventing frizz in hair. It is a wonderful and safe addition to your curl care regimen. 

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