Behentrimonium chloride

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What it does: preservative, antistatic, hair conditioning, emulsifying agent

The science

A type of trimonium that makes cationic chains attract to anionic charges in the protein structure of skin and hair, creating a conditioning effect. It tends to remain insoluble in water, meaning it remains on the hair, which makes it popular in rinse-off hair conditioners. 

Benefits for your hair

Promotes smoothness and softness

Behentrimonium chloride helps in conditioning hair, which, in turn, helps to detangle and reduce roughness.

Reduces frizz 

As an antistatic, it reduces static electricity by neutralizing the electrical charge on the hair surface. This helps to prevent frizz.

Improves moisture 

As an emulsifying agent, it helps to improve the moisture content of the hair.

Side effects

When used in concentrations of 0.1% and higher, behentrimonium chloride has been shown to damage the eyes. It can also highly flammable and irritating to the skin.

At Coco Curls, we use behentrimonium chloride in very low concentrations within safety guidelines, hence making it effective and safe. 


Behentrimonium chloride is a great hair conditioning ingredient which helps to smoothen and soften the hair, reduce frizz and improve moisture. 

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