Cucumber fruit extract

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What it does: emollient, conditioning, soothing

Also called: cucumis sativus fruit extract

The science

Cucumber is a nice, non-irritating plant extract that’s known for it’s soothing and emollient properties. It contains amino acids and organic acids that are helpful for the skin’s acid mantle. There is also an enzyme (called shikimate dehydrigenase) in the pulp that’s shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Benefits for your hair

Promotes hair growth

The rich sulfur and potassium content present in cucumber extract reduces hair fall and stimulates hair growth. Cucumber juice provides silicon, sodium, calcium, sulphur, etc., all of which are nutrients that are needed for hair growth and hair strengthening. The vitamin A, C and silica content of cucumber juice repairs and reduces thinning of hair. 

Promotes hydration 

As an emollient, cucumis sativus fruit extract helps to moisturize the hair.

Promotes softness and helps detangle 

Due to its hydrating properties, this ingredient also helps to soften the hair and add shine, thereby making it easier to detangle.  

Prevents split ends

This ingredient helps to replenish your hair moisture and thus avoid split ends and breakages, especially in hot and dry weather.


Cucumis sativus fruit extract carries many nutrients that help in improving hair health, hydration and softness, and making the hair easier to detangle. It helps prevent split-ends and breakages, and also has some anti-inflammatory properties.

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