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What it does: binding, emulsion stabilising, film forming, stabilising, viscosity controlling

Also called: HEC 

The science

Hydroxyethylcellulose is a helper ingredient that can thicken up cosmetic products. It's derived from cellulose, the major component of the cell wall of green plants, and is compatible with most co-ingredients and gives a very good slip to formulas. 

Benefits for your hair

Promotes gentle cleansing

Hydroxyethylcellulose helps to enhance gentle cleansing properties of shampoos by enhancing the foaming and lather formation.

Promotes softness and definition

Hydroxyethylcellulose gives a good hold to hair, making it soft and smooth without making it greasy and flaky.

Provides a protective layer 

Hydroxyethylcellulose gets easily and evenly spread on the surface of hair, forming a thin protective coating over it. 


Hydroxyethylcellulose is a gentle cleansing agent that thickens products. It gives a good slip to formulas and promotes softness and definition while providing a protective layer to hair as well. 

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