The soft fabric helps dry the hair without roughing it up or causing frizz like a terrycloth towel tends to do. Here are a few benefits of using the Coco Wrap.
Reduces frizz. Drying with the Coco Wrap does not cause frizz due to its smooth texture and absorbent properties.
Retains moisture. The Coco Wrap is made of a soft drying material that doesn't strip the hair of natural oils & moisture.
Minimizes breakage. The Coco Wrap does not cause unwanted friction and stress to hair that rubbing with a regular towel does. There is no breakage of hair because of its smooth surface.
Reduces knots & tangles. The Coco Wrap prevents knots and tangles from forming as the hair dries.
Encourages curl pattern. Using the Coco Wrap to dry hair is a form of low manipulation that encourages curl pattern and definition. Scrunching with this towel encourages bounce and enhances curl pattern too.
Gentle on the scalp. The Coco Wrap does not irritate the scalp as it does not have the roughness of a regular towel. If you have a sensitive scalp, the Coco Wrap will be your best friend.