Coco Pillowcase

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Anti-frizz and anti-bedhead
This luxurious, satin-silk pillowcase protects hair and skin from friction and damage. It is naturally cool to the touch, while possessing a breathable yet insulating fabric, making it great for all seasons. The fabric is strong, abrasion-resistant, shrink-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. No more worrying about preserving curls after the hard work put into wash days.

Preserves curls. The smooth satin-silk material prevents the tugging, pulling and roughness of ordinary pillowcases. The non-absorbent surface helps maintain the hair’s natural oils. Enjoy more efficient mornings and styling!

Skin saving. Normal pillowcases tend to absorb all the serums and creams you meticulously applied during your night-time routine. Coco Pillowcase won't absorb the nutrients on the skin, which will prevent dryness and acne.

Thermo-regulating. Silk helps the body retain heat in cold weather and expel excess heat in warm weather. No more sweaty nights spent tossing and turning as you search for that ever elusive cool-side-of-the-pillow. With the Coco Pillowcase, you’re protected from every possible angle.

How to use
The pillowcase is stretchable and adjustable, which means it can fit on any regular pillow. It's travel-friendly too.

Size: Stretchable





machine washable

machine washable



Gentle on hair & skin
Prevents tangles
Curls last longer
Regulates temperature
Luxurious & elegant
All hair types
Especially good for curly, wavy and coily hair
Color: Silver
Material: Satin & silk blends
Hand or machine-washable
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What is it made of?

Coco Pillowcase is made of a blend of satin & silk both of which are great for curly hair.

Will it make my curls last longer?

Yes. Coco Pillowcase is protective to styling and curls. You no longer have to worry about how to preserve your curls while sleeping.

Can I machine-wash it?

Yes, it is machine-washable. If you want to maintain the shine of the pillowcase, we recommend you hand-wash it the first few times.

Will it prevent frizz?


Will it fit my pillow?

Coco Pillowcase is stretchable which means it can fit any regular sized pillow. You can take it with you while travelling without worrying about whether it will fit your hotel pillow.

Will it protect my skin?

Yes. Coco Pillowcase prevents dryness and acne.