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What it does: humectant 

Also called: glycerol 

The science

Glycerin is a water-soluble, moisturising, and conditioning alcohol. It comes from synthetic or natural sources such as animal fats, vegetable and plant oils, like shea butter or coconut oil. It’s odorless, thick, clear, and generally regarded as non-toxic. Because it’s water-soluble and such an effective moisturiser and humectant, many beauty manufacturers typically add glycerin to skin and hair care products to benefit from its softening, conditioning and moisture-retaining properties.

It is a humectant and it has the ability to deposit or remove moisture from the hair depending on the dew point. It is a very beneficial ingredient when the level of moisture in the air is at an optimal range, when the temperatures range between 40 and 60 degrees. 


Benefits for your hair

Conditions hair, reduces frizz & breakage.

Glycerin is one of the best natural conditioners for curly hair, given the right temperature and humidity conditions. It is one of the best-known humectants alongside honey. Curly hair tends to get dry and frizzy very fast and glycerin helps counter that by returning moisture to dry hair. It conditions the hair, reducing dryness, frizziness, and breakage.

Prevents dandruff

Glycerin is one of the best-known humectants alongside honey. It helps return moisture to dry hair and improves the scalp layer by hydrating it, thereby preventing dandruff.

Reduces split ends

Split ends occur when the ends of your hair become brittle, dry, and frayed. Using glycerin moisturizes and strengthens the hair from within, which helps in treating and preventing split ends.

Promotes hair growth 

Glycerin naturally nourishes the hair and reduces dryness and breakage. As a result, your hair growth is optimized.

Reduces scalp itching 

Generally, the scalp gets dry in the winter. Glycerin has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that can protect your scalp from dryness-related issues like an itchy scalp.


Glycerin is an extremely effective moisturizer and humectant for your hair. It is also a fair-weather ingredient. When the humidity outside is just right, glycerin can help your hair look and feel great.

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