Hydrolyzed keratin protein

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What it does: moisturizer/humectant, antistatic, film forming, conditioning

The science

Hydrolyzed keratin protein helps fill the minor gaps throughout the hair shaft, including its three layers - the medulla, cortex and cuticle. When it fills these microscopic gaps, hair gets the strength to minimize damage from chemical treatments, heat styling, mechanical manipulation and the sun. 

Benefits for your hair

Prevents frizz and breakage

Hydrolyzed keratin increases smoothness and elasticity with its moisture-binding abilities, thereby also reducing frizz, breakage, and static.

Promotes thickness 

Hydrolyzed keratin helps rebuild the hair’s natural protective layer from the inside by increasing the diameter of each strand. This gives a fuller appearance and replaces lost protein. It also increases volume, strengthens your hair, and restores luster.

Promotes shine 

It creates a protective barrier on the hair, simultaneously imparts shine.

Promotes curl formation 

Keratin absorption has been found to increase the strength and elasticity of hair fibers, which means better curl formation. 


Hydrolyzed keratin is a great conditioner that increases the smoothness and shine of hair. It reduces frizz and breakage, promotes curl formation and increases the thickness and health of hair.

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