Hydrolyzed wheat protein

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What it does: antistatic, conditioning, moisturizer/humectant

The science

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a chemically chopped up version of wheat protein consisting mainly of amino acids (the building blocks), peptides (a couple of amino acids together), and proteins (lots of amino acids together). It can pass through the hair cuticle, helping to hydrate and strengthen the hair by locking in moisture.

Benefits for your hair

Repairs damage to hair

Naturally, hair has a high concentration of disulfide bonds which get damaged by sunlight, bleaches, straighteners and hair dyes, causing these bonds to break. Wheat protein has the ability to connect these broken bonds, effectively repairing damaged hair.

Promotes hydration

Hydrolyzed wheat protein hydrates the hair shaft by locking in moisture, improving the smoothness and shine of hair while simultaneously reducing frizz and static.

Promotes curl formation 

Protein absorption has been found to increase the strength and elasticity of hair fibers, which means better curl formation. 


Hydrolyzed what protein does a great job of hydrating dry hair and repairing damage. It also promotes curl formation.

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